05 Easy Ways to Generate More Phone Inquiries for Your Repair Business

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The phone is still one of the top ways new customers discover repair businesses, book appointments, or request quotes. Even in the age of online reviews and social media, many people still prefer to pick up the phone when they need to engage a new repair service.

If your repair business isn’t getting as many phone calls as you would like, several easy tactics can be used to drum up more inquiries, such as running up a cell phone repair business; then you must need cell phone repair GMB management services. With a few simple tweaks and outreach strategies, you can have that business line ringing more often in no time.

Quick and Easy Ways to Generate More Repair Business Phone Inquiries

Optimize Your Google Business Profile Listing

Google My Business listings have become vitally important for local search visibility. By optimizing this free listing, customers can more easily discover you by searching for repair terms in your geographic area.

Here are key elements to optimize:

  • Complete profile – Fill out every section, including photos, business hours, detailed services, the area served, and additional categories. Complete profiles perform better.
  • Keyword-optimized business description – Ensure your 200-character description includes relevant keywords potential customers would search for when looking for a business like yours. Work permutations of service type, location, and materials worked with into this short blurb.
  • Consistent NAP – Your Name, Address, and Phone number should perfectly match your website and directories like Yelp. Inconsistency can negatively impact local SEO authority.
  • High-quality photos – Images showing your shop, team, work signs, and past projects can help you stand out while adding credibility.
  • Gather reviewsPositive Google reviews are prominently displayed and help drive local traffic to call. Added perk – responding to any negative reviews publicly demonstrates good customer service.

A complete Google My Business profile is a powerful inbound marketing asset, funneling your qualified website traffic and calls. If you find this task difficult, hire an expert for GMB management services.

Refresh Your Website Content

Your actual repair business website is another critical piece of the inbound marketing equation. Is your site content due for an overhaul? Updating your existing pages with new text and images and adding dedicated landing pages for specific service keywords can lead to measurable boosts in organic traffic and new customer calls.

Focus on informational repair blog posts and service pages targeting popular search terms customers use to find local providers. Answer their questions thoroughly and position your expertise and offerings as solutions.

Descriptive page titles utilizing select keywords help search engines comprehend document relevance for searcher intent. Meanwhile, working geographic identifiers into on-page content signals readers that you serve their local area.

Prominently display phone numbers near the top and bottom of every webpage to spur calls rather than just form fills. Make them visible in your repair website menus and content footers to persist whenever visitors scroll. The more exposure numbers get, the more likely the curious will call.

Get Found in Online Directories & Citation Sites

Print Yellow Pages are nearly obsolete, but online directories remain the go-to resources for finding local businesses. Getting accurately listed (with consistent NAP details) on the most authoritative niche and regional directories related to your services ensures you appear across more “near me” style searches.

High-value vertical directories to consider targeting include:

  • Superpages
  • Manta
  • HotFrog

For local community visibility targeting neighboring residents, home services aggregators can generate calls, too:

  • Porch
  • HomeAdvisor

The key is claiming and verifying listings on the most popular sites in your region. For random directories you uncover that allow automated feeds, leverage tools like Moz Local or Synup to turbocharge submissions.

Network With Referral Partners

Who else in your repair community interacts with the same customer groups seeking your specialty repair services? Learning this can lead to reciprocal referral partnerships that multiply word-of-mouth recommendations.

Research adjacent repair businesses like hardware stores, home builders, appliance retailers, auto mechanics, contractors, and renovators. Reach out to discuss co-promoting one another’s offerings to respective existing audiences.

Forging even informal verbal deals can quickly pay dividends. Staff are more likely to hand out your business cards and phone number when customer needs align. Simple callouts on partner websites or inclusion in their preference lists also get you in front of qualified new contacts.

The key is identifying where your target buyer journey and other organizations intersect. Neighborhood affiliations lead customers to call repair pros they know and trust.

Run Occasional Call-Focused Campaigns

Your regular inbound marketing machine may hum along nicely month after month. However, layered seasonal call-driving campaigns can deliver noticeable spikes in phone traffic during slower periods or support new offering launches.

Possible quick-hit options include:

  • Limited-time coupon promotions – Strategically offer exclusive sitewide repair service discounts for a set timeframe. Add urgency alongside value to incent action. Promote the coupons on social channels, email, and relevant third-party event calendars. Require callers to mention the specific repair offer.
  • Cross-sell calls to existing customers – Database clients who haven’t engaged lately make soft targets. Email or mail them- only deals to incentivize repeat business. Customize messaging around complementary new offerings that have been added since their last job.
  • Holiday tie-in specials – Seasonal hooks like winter furnace inspections, spring AC tune-ups, and summer electrical upgrades let you ride already busy periods with themed discounts.
  • Direct mail postcard campaigns – While more expensive, postcards mailed to localized households or businesses within a set radius of your shop still garner interest and call follow-ups. Retarget past customers and hyper-targeted buyer demographics.
  • Giveaways – Who doesn’t love free stuff? Announce prize drawings for items like home improvement store gift cards on your website and social channels. Specify callers receive automatic entry into the drawing.
  • Referral rewards – Word-of-mouth wins again here. Existing satisfied customers and partner organizations will happily spread the word about your services when referral bonuses, discounts, or gifts are involved. Structure rewards based on qualifying new customer spend thresholds.


The most successful repair businesses recognize the value of driving more inbound calls, especially during slow periods. Tactics like search ads, social media posts, and review responses can deliver surges in phone inquiries to support organizational goals.

Adjust approaches to match capabilities and local dynamics. More caller leads can come through the right messaging. Take action on one or more of the options above to increase valuable phone inquiries. Ensure your business gets found when future customers call.

For repair businesses lacking the in-house expertise or bandwidth to tackle phone-generating marketing initiatives simultaneously, the managed solution professionals at RepairGrow offer complete GMB Management services, inbound marketing, and call-tracking services designed around the needs of home and commercial repair industry providers nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best directories on which to list my repair business?

Some top directories include Superpages, Manta, HotFrog, Porch, and HomeAdvisor. Focus on industry-specific and local/regional directories that are most popular in your area.

How do I market my phone repair business?

Distribute flyers and run local social media ads. Optimize listings and offer first-time discounts to attract more customers. Develop partnerships with complementary businesses for referrals.

How do I get more calls for my business?

Ensure contact info stands out across all platforms. Use attention-grabbing call-to-action language in marketing. Offer call-based consultations and seasonal service coupons. Publish keyword-driven content around repairable issues.

How do you convince customers over the phone?

Actively listen, ask questions, clearly communicate relevant benefits, build trust through transparency, reassure with proofs like reviews, and summarize why you’re the best option.