What are Orphan Pages and How Do They Affect Drone Repair Websites?

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Orphan pages are active website pages that are essentially hidden because they lack internal backlinks connecting them to the site’s broader framework. With no path for search engines or users to follow, orphan pages miss out on organic discovery. In this article, we’ll unpack what orphan pages are, their impact on drone repair SEO and website, how to detect them, and proven fixes to boost your drone site’s cohesion and performance. 

If you want to do it yourself, learn how to rescue orphaned pages dragging down your rankings; otherwise, go for expert drone repair SEO services.

What are Orphan Pages?

Orphan pages refer to any individual web pages on your domain with zero backlinks from other internal pages pointing users to them. This means no contextual navigational links would enable search bots or visitors to naturally find these pages by clicking through your website. 

While still live on your server, orphan pages are hidden in plain sites due to insufficient internal linkage. They often contain helpful content that could benefit SEO if adequately connected. Your drone repair SEO and website must be free from all orphan pages; otherwise, they can disturb your rankings.

Common Characteristics of Orphan Pages

Let’s have a look at the characteristics of Orphan Pages.

An orphan page has no inbound links

The core identifying trait of an orphan page is simply the total lack of any backlinks or internal links from other pages on the same website pointing inward to that page. This means there is no pathway to follow within your site architecture and menus to lead search engines or visitors to the orphaned page.

Essentially, no other contextual page or menu on your drone site actively links out to the orphan using relevant anchor text and an optimized user path. So, search bots have limited cues to discover that page, and visitors need an intuitive way to navigate it. This isolation severely restricts its findability.

An Orphan Page Is A Live Page

It’s important to note that an orphan page is not deleted or removed – it is still live and hosted on your website. However, the lack of internal links causes it to be overlooked and undiscovered by search bots and visitors. The page is still crawlable if found through other means, such as external links.

Orphan pages contain active content and may even have worthwhile information. However, with no internal links or site navigation pointing the way, these pages remain hidden from search and users despite being publicly accessible. They are essentially stranded pages with content untapped.

Show No-Indexing In Tools 

Sometimes, a page may still get indexed by Google, even if orphaned, usually due to external links or past discovery cues. A page can technically be considered an orphan even if it is indexed or falsely shows up as not orphaned. The definitive check is whether it lacks internal link pathways.

Some orphan page analysis tools rely solely on indexing data and may miss pages lacking internal links. The only way to fully identify orphans is to audit specifically for pages with no internal backlinks from related site content or navigation. Indexing should not be used as the sole factor.

Why are Orphan Pages Bad for SEO?

The negative SEO impacts of orphan pages stem from their lack of connectivity to the rest of your website through internal navigation links. Key problems include:

Lower Indexation  

Orphan pages get picked up by crawlers and indexed less often due to insufficient internal signals pointing search bots to them. This hides their content.

Without internal links that search engines can crawl from related pages or site navigation, orphan pages often fail to get discovered and indexed in the first place. Even if containing solid content, their isolation and lack of linkage within your drone site mean search spiders reach them far less frequently. This results in lower indexation and the content remaining unseen.

Poor Rankings

The orphan pages that get indexed need internal links passing authority and relevance signals to rank well in SERPs.

On rare occasions, when an orphan page gets indexed, rankings suffer due to a lack of internal links transferring authority and topical signals from established domains. There needs to be more than external links alone. So, even if indexed, orphaned pages have difficulty ranking because no internal links bolster them.

Wasted Optimization

SEO efforts on orphaned pages could be more effective since they rarely get seen.

Optimizing orphan pages with keyword research, metadata, formatting, etc., provides very little SEO value since the pages lie hidden from search results. The time spent optimizing them is wasted because so few people find them. You want to focus SEO on pages integrated into your site’s architecture.

User Confusion 

Site visitors reaching orphan pages tend to bounce quickly due to a lack of context and site-wide navigation. This inflates bounce rates.

When users happen to land on an orphan page, they need more related internal links to make sure they understand how the page fits within your overall drone site. With no way to easily navigate to other relevant pages, visitors quickly bounce. This increases abandonment.

How To Find Orphan Pages in Your Drone Repair Website?

Here’s what you need to do.

Get a Full List of Your Current Website Pages 

The first step is generating a complete list of all live pages of your drone repair website. The easiest way is to go into Google Search Console and export the complete sitemap index. This provides all URLs of active pages indexed. Alternatively, use a sitemap generation tool to produce a list of all existing pages on your domain. You want the entire picture.

Run A Website Crawl For Pages With Zero Inbound Internal Links 

Next, you must crawl your entire domain using an SEO tool like Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, or DeepCrawl. Configure the crawl settings to precisely extract data on internal links, filtering only pages that have zero backlinks from other internal pages. This reveals pages needing internal navigation linkage. Different tools have slightly different methods to filter for 0 inbound internal links during a site crawl.

Analyze the Audit Results

Carefully review the complete list of orphan page results from the crawl to identify those that contain genuinely helpful, relevant content that would benefit your drone site’s SEO if correctly linked internally. Avoid sorting only by page authority metrics, as those can be misleading. The goal is to find pages that can improve cohesion and search performance if integrated into your site architecture through contextual internal links. These become your targets for optimization.

How To Fix Orphan Pages?

Following are quick strategies to fix orphan pages:

Internally link

The most direct remedy is to add contextual internal links from related content pointing to the orphan page. This reintegrates the page into the information architecture through straightforward site navigation. Make sure the anchor text for the new link fits the surrounding content.

Finding relevant pages and sections where useful anchor text links can be naturally added is critical. This reconnects the orphan page so it appears in site menus and is crawled via internal link pathways. Don’t force links – contextual relevance is vital. Consider how visitors would expect to navigate to that content organically if they discover your site.


No indexing can remove very low-value orphan pages with thin or duplicate content from search indexing without deleting them. This prevents them from diluting your site’s strength. 

No indexing is best for temporary pages, redirects, empty templates, and other pages you must keep for site function but that offer no SEO value. Add a no-index meta tag or index them within Google Search Console. This leaves them online but deprioritizes crawling.


In some cases, orphan pages repeat the same topics or content as existing pages on your site. Consolidating the content onto one primary page and redirecting the orphan to it can fix duplication.

Consolidating similar content avoids diluting the strength of either page. Use 301 redirects to pass link signals from the orphan to the surviving primary page you want search engines to index. Bring orphaned content together into existing pages on the same subject.


Deleting removes orphan pages with no SEO value, like empty templates, temporary staging pages, or long abandoned content. It can boost Repair Businesses, and you can rank higher in the SERPS. Be sure high-quality content is kept.

Double-check that pages slated for deletion truly lack substantive, unique content. Deleting should be reserved only for clear cruft. Otherwise, redirect or consolidate. Note that deletion breaks any external links pointing to removed pages. 

How To Prevent Orphan Pages? 

  1. Have a plan for site migrations: When migrating or redesigning any part of your website, plan to use 301 redirects and internal links to maintain the discovery of any pages moving or getting new URLs. This prevents the creation of orphans.
  2. Set up your site structure for success: Architect your site’s information and navigation flow to connect related content. Link along common themes from your homepage down through categories and clusters. Make sure each page has a path leading to it.
  3. Run regular site audits: Periodically run orphan page audits using a crawler to identify issues cropping up over time before they accumulate. Finding and fixing orphans early preserves your site’s cohesion.


Orphaned pages represent wasted SEO potential on helpful content. You strengthen your drone site’s interconnectedness and integration by identifying and remedying orphan issues through internal linking, consolidation, or removal. Take quarterly time to audit and address accumulating orphan pages through targeted fixes. Your site will function in unison to lift search visibility.

To learn more about optimizing your drone repair website architecture, contact RepairGrow today for technical SEO services. Our experts can find and fix orphan pages limiting your search performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do orphan pages hurt my website?

Orphan pages miss out on search visibility because search engines can’t crawl them well. They also create a poor user experience due to a need for more navigation.

What kinds of pages often become orphaned?

Old site pages, deleted content without redirects, pages removed from navigation, siloed content, and new pages added without linking tend to create orphans.

Should I just delete my orphan pages?

Only delete truly low-value, temporary pages. Good content deserves fixing by adding internal links or consolidating onto core pages.