Selecting an Effective Name for Your Repair Company: 9 Key Tips

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Selecting an effective name for your repair company is crucial yet challenging. The name you choose represents your brand and conveys what you do. It’s often the first impression potential customers will have of your business. 

That’s why thoughtfully brainstorming and selecting an effective company name should not be rushed. The name you introduce your business with needs to accomplish a few key things to set your repair shop up for success.

Selecting the right repair company name takes creativity, market research, and strategic planning. You want a memorable name that communicates your services clearly and sets you apart from competitors. 

Must-Haves for a Repair Company Name

A quality repair company name must:

  • Convey the services you offer
  • Resonate with your target audience
  • Be unique enough to stand out in the market
  • Trigger positive associations about your business
  • Match availability for branding, such as a domain name

Getting this formula right from the start establishes credibility and professionalism for customers. It also builds essential name recognition in your community.

Expert Tips to Select an Effective Name for Your Repair

Follow these seven tips to select a compelling name to attract customers and support your repair business’s growth.

Define Your Target Audience and Offerings

Before brainstorming names, get clear on who you want to serve and what repair services you will provide. Defining your target demographics and specializations will guide you in selecting a fitting name. 

For instance, if you mainly service home appliances, a name like Betty’s Appliance Repair will convey that. A more general name like Betty’s Device Repair may work better if you also want to attract electronics repair customers. Know your niche so it can be reflected in the name.

Emphasize Local Connection

Most repair businesses rely heavily on local customers from the surrounding community. Choosing a name that identifies your city, county, or state will make it clear you serve that local area. This step requires strategies like Computer Repair Local SEO

This strategy is especially effective if your business includes a major nearby city. For example, Jacksonville Computer Repair instantly tells customers you handle tech repairs in the Jacksonville area.

Keep It Simple 

Resist the urge to get too flashy or abstract with the name. Repair company names that are simple have an advantage. This lets customers immediately grasp what you do based on the name alone.

For example, a name like The Phone Fixers indicates the business fixes phones. This spells it out for customers versus a vague name like Fixers, which could represent many things.  

Use Keywords Wisely

Incorporate one or two strong keywords into your repair company name to make it more discoverable. Using industry terms related to your services allows customers to find you more easily online when searching for those keywords.

Cell Phone Repair Orlando is an example. It includes the keywords “cell phone repair” and location. This hits key points searchers would type when looking for a phone fixed in the Orlando vicinity. So be careful and thoughtful during the keyword selection process for your repair company name.

Consider Acronyms 

If you want customers to refer to your company by a memorable short-form name or acronym, work that into your official name. 

For example, Tech Device Restoration Experts could go by TDRE. Ensure the full name communicates your repair services so customers understand the acronym.

Check Domain Name Availability

Before settling on a repair company name, check if the matching .com domain is available for purchase. Ideally, you want to secure a domain name that aligns with your business name for your website address. 

Having a website and online presence tied directly to your company name boosts brand power and makes it more discoverable by new customers searching online.

See If Trademark Is Available

While applying for a registered trademark is not required, a quick trademark search helps avoid possible legal issues. Make sure no other business in your state or nationally has a similar name trademarked already. 

This reduces the risk of a trademark infringement claim down the road. It also allows you to trademark your repair company name later once established if you desire the additional legal protection a registration provides.

Say it Out Loud

As simple as it sounds, say the name out loud when assessing how it sounds. The name should easily roll off the tongue and sound polished when spoken. If it feels awkward to pronounce or communicate to others verbally, more refinement is likely needed from a branding perspective.

Ask Trusted Contacts

Solicit name suggestions and feedback from business contacts, friends, or family you trust. Get their reactions to repair name ideas you’re considering and see if they can envision it representing a professional repair company.

Having neutral third parties weigh in often surfaces considerations missed when you’re heading down creating names. It also gauges whether your target audience understands what the name conveys about services offered.


Putting thought and effort into Selecting an Effective Name for Your Repair Company sets your business up for success from the very start. A quality name builds brand recognition and tells customers what services you offer when they hear or see it. Following these guidelines when brainstorming and evaluating potential names will lead you to the perfect fit.

What name resonates most with your target customers? What memorably conveys your offerings and location? Consider this carefully when naming your repair company. Once you land on “the one” name, claim matching online assets like website domains and social media handles to strengthen its brand impact.

Bring Your Repair Company To Life Visually

Once you land on “the one” name, continue building your branded web presence, including the website, social channels, and listings consistently linked to that name. Over time, watch your carefully crafted repair company name become ubiquitous with service excellence in your regional market!

And remember your visual branding. An eye-catching, professional logo representing your new repair company name adds immense value in cementing brand recognition.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is a good name important to a company?

Because it is the first thing the customer sees, a company’s name is similar to a first handshake – it creates an important first impression that stays with people. An effective name can reinforce that your business is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and memorable.  

How long should a repair company’s name be?

Ideally, keep the name short to 1-3 words. Longer names are more complicated to recall and fit for branding. Aim for short and catchy but descriptive.

Are “Inc” and “LLC” required in the name?

You are not required to put Inc. or LLC in the name to operate as a corporation or limited liability company. However, you would file your corporation type upon forming your legal business entity.

How do I check if the name is available?

Do a state and national trademark search to ensure no similar business name or logo is registered. Also, search any domain extensions like .com availability before committing to a name.

What is a strong brand name?

A successful repair company must build a strong, recognizable identity. More than just listing your services, the goal is consistent branding that communicates the quality and integrity behind your work.