How To Deal With Negative Reviews For Business?

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Responding to the negative reviews for your repair business is more important than ever! Repair businesses strive for one hundred percent client satisfaction. Nobody wants their consumers to be dissatisfied since it damages a business’s reputation and affects its financial line. A successful business is highly interlinked with happy consumers.

Since online reviews have become the new word-of-mouth, you can bet that some dissatisfied consumers will leave a negative review on public platforms like Yelp or Google. Did you know most people share poor experiences rather than sharing good experiences? 

Unfortunately, you can’t simply brush off negative reviews, hoping they will disappear in the world of the Internet. In actuality, ignoring a bad review would usually worsen the situation—both for your public audience and your connection with the consumer who left the review: Reviews are used by 90% of internet users to decide whether or not to do business with a firm.

For this reason, RepairGrow, a leading cell phone repair digital marketing agency, offers tips and tricks that will enable you to navigate any situation when replying to unfavorable reviews about your repair business and guarantee long-term success.

What Tips Do You Need to Keep in Mind When Responding to the Negative Reviews of A Business? 

Say Sorry and Thank You to the Reviewer

Take note of the client’s worries. Express empathy and pity for them if they had a negative experience, even if they sent the review anonymously. By expressing regret and gratitude, you can show readers that you value their opinions and are concerned about their experience. For example: “We appreciate your input. We apologize for not meeting your expectations.

Remain Composed 

Getting carried away with your feelings is the worst thing you can do. If the review concerns your repair business, consider having someone unassociated with the situation respond. By doing this, you may avoid being defensive and ensure the problem doesn’t worsen. A helpful hint is to avoid using any words in ALL CAPS in your response. WHO LIKES TO BE ADDRESSED IN ALL CAPS?  

Take the Conversation Offline

Offer to have a private conversation with the customer in your response. Send them to an owner, manager of customer care, or someone else who can help defuse the situation. Talking on the phone or sending emails is more efficient and less time-consuming than exchanging messages on a review platform where all parties can see what is happening.

What Do You Need to Consider When Responding to Negative Reviews? 

Imagine you have devoted numerous hours of sweat and labor to the construction of your repair shop. You’ve developed a strong clientele and a professional staff and optimized your offerings. However, a negative review appears on your radar along the route. This may be a discouraging experience for a lot of repair business owners.

  • You are not only dealing with one reviewer. You are addressing all readers of the review, and future customers will also see your reply. 
  • Answer the reviews instantaneously!  Half of the internet users expect your repair business to respond to their reviews in hours or within a day. So, make sure to check and respond to the reviews promptly. 
  • It’s your chance to set things right by responding. If a client personally brought an issue to your attention, you would endeavor to address it. Online reviews are no exception. 
  • By responding, you reassure readers that you are not dishonest or neglectful towards criticism and have taken action to ensure the same issue doesn’t arise with another client.
  • Resolve a bad review as soon as possible. Talk about what transpired with your team. Obtain as much information as possible to ensure your response is accurate.
  • After a customer’s bad experience has been resolved, ask them to either fully erase their first review or modify it to reflect the improved connection. You’d be shocked at how many people are prepared to comply with this once their worries are addressed.
  • Positively, a bad review can reveal information about an underperforming employee or a process that isn’t performing up to par, providing you with the knowledge you need to fix the problem. You must address negative critiques and leverage them to bring constructive modifications to your repair business. 

What Are the Dos And Donts When Responding to A Negative Review? 


  • Respond promptly and professionally 
  • Ignore or delay responding 
  • Apologize for the customer’s experience. 
  • Get defensive or argumentative 
  • Acknowledge the specific issue raised. 
  • Make excuses or blame the customer 
  • Offer a solution or compensation. 


  • Delete or hide negative reviews 
  • Express empathy and understanding. 
  • Respond with generic, canned messages 
  • Keep the response concise and on-point 
  • Share personal or confidential information  
  • Encourage the customers to contact us privately. 
  • Disregard the perspective of customers. 

What Are the Long-term Benefits of Addressing Negative Reviews with Utmost Care? 

Cell phone repair digital marketing experts suggest taking care of negative reviews as it has several long-term advantages and is not just a one-time damage control strategy. Responsibly dealing with them can result in the success of your repair business. 

Building Trust And Loyalty 

It demonstrates to your audience that you are responsible and concerned about your clients. This builds their confidence in you and frequently turns one-time clients into devoted supporters. Moreover, prompt and transparent repair businesses are trusted by onlookers, which helps in client acquisition.

Improvements in Business Operations 

Negative reviews serve as a feedback channel, highlighting areas where your service may be improved. Overall service enhancement results when you consider them and implement the required adjustments. Whenever a customer enters your repair business, you provide them with a better experience. 

Increase in Customer Engagement 

Positive or negative comments are an excellent approach to starting a two-way conversation with your customers. Due to this active involvement, they will be forced to connect with your repair business more regularly, which will increase client retention. 


Proprietors of repair businesses must recognize the need to craft a thoughtful reply to negative feedback. Repair businesses should be aware of the reviewers’ perspective and attempt to maintain a composed and professional demeanor while dealing with errors and offering an apology when needed.

While acting swiftly is essential, exercising caution and giving a well-considered, customized response is just as crucial. Additionally, AI technologies are used by 18% of repair businesses to manage reviews, which helps them with better data analysis, automatic review monitoring, and faster response times. 

Trust RepairGrow’s cell phone repair digital marketing services take your repair business to new altitudes in the digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a company remove a negative review?

To begin with, log into your Google My Business account and find the particular review you wish to delete. After selecting “Manage reviews,” click “Flag as inappropriate.” After reviewing the report, Google might remove it if it doesn’t follow their content guidelines. 

What is an example of responding to a negative review? 

Hi there, [NAME]. Here at [Company], I am the [manager/owner] and go by [Name]. I’m sorry you weren’t satisfied with us, and I would like to help you resolve the issue personally. You may reach me directly at [phone/email] if it’s more convenient. I will get in touch with you today to discuss this.