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One of your most effective sales tactics can be customer reviews and testimonials. Nearly 68% of consumers say they are likelier to buy from a website that offers ratings and reviews, and over 72% of customers say they look at product reviews before buying. By ensuring customers are happy with their purchases, social proof can comfort concerned customers, offer context, and lower returns.

For your computer repair business growth, creating this social proof is necessary! Let’s go over some effective strategies that can help you increase customer reviews. Keep reading.

Ways to Increase & Improve Customer Reviews

The way that people view your business has a significant influence on attracting new customers and keeping existing ones. Reviews are also essential for preserving your brand’s image, promoting business expansion, and boosting computer repair business growth.

Understanding Consumer Insights

Before we move on to the strategies to maximize customer reviews, you must first understand your customers.

You must thoroughly understand your customers’ changing preferences, perceptions, needs, and behaviors. Consumer insight is how you interpret these things from consumer data, like feedback, social media interactions, reviews, surveys,  etc.

You can use these insights to:

  • Enhance your service offerings
  • Personalize consumer interactions
  • Improve decision-making
  • Boost marketing efforts

Consumer feedback and insights can help you keep up with market trends, predict future behavior, and identify changing preferences to offer a more tailored customer experience.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Happy customers mean more chances of positive reviews. The most important factor in determining whether a customer is happy and satisfied is your customer service. If you provide first-time customers with poor customer service, do not expect them to return or leave positive feedback. 

Make it your top priority to deliver best-in-class customer service to every client in-store and online. You must ensure consistency at every stage of the customer journey.

Negative experienceslike poor customer service—should be avoided at all costs since they quickly become negative reviews. When things go wrong, you may steer clear of a bad review by giving your staff the authority to take care of the client’s issues right away. Keep a customer’s contempt from appearing on review websites.

Keep a proactive approach, and if there is a negative experience, try to handle it professionally. Most people don’t fall for 100% positive reviews, as they can seem suspicious. One or two negative reviews are acceptable; the key is to show professionalism in handling criticism.

Ask For Reviews at The Right Moment

Although it might seem challenging at first, making a proactive request for reviews can have a big impact on your computer repair business growth. For optimal effect, time your request at the right moment.

Before, during, or after a conversion or new sale, do not ask for feedback. Instead, choose key moments when customers are most likely to be satisfied with your product or service. For example, after successfully utilizing your service, receiving exceptional customer assistance, or reaching a noteworthy milestone with your good or service. 

Offer Incentives

Providing your customers with coupons, discounts, and other rewards is a good method to encourage them to leave reviews. A further advantage of incentives is that they encourage recurring purchases.

A good method for tracking and distributing your incentives is through loyalty programs. If you run a loyalty program, you can post reviews on social media and earn points for them. However, make sure you continue to be open and honest about the programs and ensure that your clients receive the incentives you promised.

A contest entry is a further advantage you may offer in exchange for a review.

Note that mentions on social media can also be quite effective rewards. Just remember to tag the customer. 

Use a CTA on Physical Material

If you offer paper invoices or other promotional materials, you can create and include a call to action using a QR code. Next, create a mobile review form to gather reviews. The client can post a review using the QR code on their phone to access the form.

Email Marketing

Make the procedure simpler. Customers can receive direct links from you via printed materials, SMS, and email. They are more inclined to leave a review because it is now simpler for them to do so. A more direct and customized method of communicating with customers is through email marketing, which is quite successful. After a repair is completed successfully, you can send emails with special offers, package deals, and details about related services. Additionally, you can ask for comments in your follow-up messages. 

Make It Easy

It is important for business owners like you to ensure that your computer repair business is listed on every necessary review platform. Finding the platforms where your clients are most active is essential because different platforms serve different audiences and sectors.

Yelp, Google My Business, and Google Business Profile are essential for repair businesses like yours. Ensure your profiles have all the important information, are visually appealing, and encourage interaction with crisp, high-quality images and other graphics.

Reviews should also be encouraged on your website. Put visible calls to action, like “Leave Us a Review,” on your homepage and post-purchase pages.

Use Social Media

Good reviews shared on social media have prompted comments from others and started conversations. It’s an implied invitation for people to share their experiences and a means to express gratitude to satisfied clients.

Reviews can also be generated by asking your audience to participate in surveys or by asking them about their experiences as customers.

Increase Customer Reviews & Manage Online Reputation With RepairGrow

Understandably, running a business entails handling many complex tasks at once. Digital marketing does not only mean promoting your business; it also means managing your online presence and reputation. Managing your customer reviews is just one of its aspects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do potential customers use reviews?

About 90% of customers do not prefer a business with negative reviews and a bad reputation.

How can reviews help in marketing?

You can use them to build customer trust, enhance your business’s credibility and reputation, and make informed decisions.

What is a review management system?

It is the process of tracking, monitoring, responding to, and using customer feedback across various channels.